Suicide statistics

In 2014, 4,254 Canadians died by suicide making it the ninth leading cause of death in the country. The numbers show that men die three times more often than women, with the greatest losses seen in Canadians aged 40-59 years. Among young Canadians (between 15 and 34 years old), suicide is the second leading cause of death.

# of suicides in 2014 in Canada by age range[fn]Navaneelan, Tanya. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 82-624-X, 2017 [website]. Retrieved from[/fn]

Age range # of suicides in Canada 2014
10-14yr 32
15-19yr 209
20-24yr 267
25-29yr 317
30-34yr 311

Youth suicide is a significant public health issue in Canada, with higher rates among certain populations. First Nations youth in Canada experience rates of suicide five to seven times higher than non-Indigenous youth, while rates among Inuit youth are 11 times the national average (one of the highest rates of suicide in the world).[fn]Government of Canada, Health Canada, 2016 [website]. Retrieved from[/fn]

Over 30% of youth who identify as LGBTQ have confirmed suicidal ideation and behaviour (Saewyc 2007). In 2010, 40% of Ontarian trans youth reported thoughts of suicide and 19% attempted suicide the year before.[fn]Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, 2013 [Blog post]. Retrieved from[/fn]

Post-Secondary Students who have seriously considered suicide[fn]National College Health Assessment SPRING 2016 CANADIAN REFERENCE GROUP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.pdf[/fn]

Percent Male Female Total
No never 74.2 70.2 70.8
No, not last 12 months 14.3 16.9  16.3
Yes, last 2 weeks 2.8 2.9  3.0
Yes, last 30 days 1.6 2.1  2.1
Yes, in last 12 months 7.1 8.0  7.9
Any time within the last 12 months 11.5 12.9  13.0